See What Your Favorite Child Cartoon Characters Look Like ‘All Grown Up’

We all have our favorite childhood cartoon shows, starring some of the coolest kid characters. At least we thought they were cool at the time. As we grew up, we left behind the shows and their stars, moving on to other TV shows, perhaps more mature or complex or realistic ones. But after all these years, those childhood cartoon characters have also grown up themselves and artist Isaiah Stephens reimagines what they would look like today. In the series “All Grown Up,” Stephens transforms our childhood memories and jolts us into reality by showing how those innocent, adventurous kids would turn out.

Check out some of his art here and his full collections on Stephens’ Tumblr and Deviantart pages.

isaiah stephens rugrats

isaiah stephens south park

isaiah stephens pokemon

isaiah stephens wild thornberrys

isaiah stephens  hey arnold

isaiah stephens doug

isaiah stephens recess

isaiah stephens proud family

isaiah stephens dexters lab

isaiah stephens powerpuff girls

isaiah stephens magic school bus

isaiah stephens  rocket power

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Mikaela Rakos

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