The Most Delicious Way to Be a Nerd: Make a Layer Cake Modeled after Jupiter [TUTORIAL]

layered jupiter cake cut into

Have you ever loved a planet so much you just wanted to eat it all up? Rhiannon of Cakecrumbs has. A self-taught cook and cake decorator and a planetary aficionado, Rhiannon baked the ultimate tribute to her favorite planet: a spherical cake containing concentric layers decorated and modeled after Jupiter.

She wrote on Cakecrumbs:

In the end I settled on Jupiter predominantly for one reason: its Great Red Spot. The giant anticyclonic storm has always been one of my favourite things and continues to be a subject of great fascination for me.

The cake is made up of a number of spherical layers that correspond with Jupiter’s planetary layers. For what is believed to be Jupiter‘s rock and ice core, mudcake stands in. Almond butter constitutes the next layer, which in Jupiter is believed to be liquid metallic hydrogen. Jupiter’s outer layer, believed to be of molecular hydrogen, finds its pastry equivalent in tinted vanilla Madeira sponge cake coated by crumb vanilla buttercream. After baking these spheres together Rhiannon spent eight hours painting the red and white storms across the surface of Jupiter onto the outside of the cake using ivory marshmallow fondant and a combination of ivory, brown and maroon edible ink and “teeny tiny brushes.”

Now I’m really craving cake.

layered jupiter cake aerial view

layered jupiter cake closeup
Interested in making your own planetary layer cake? Here’s Rhiannon’s tutorial:

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