Lessons Learned by J.P. Morgan’s Failed Twitter Q&A: Don’t Play Nice Online If You Don’t Do Nice IRL

Dogs from JP Morgan Chase playing poker, image by Mike Licht

Dogs from JP Morgan Chase playing poker, image by Mike Licht

J.P. Morgan, which handles the investment banking, asset management, private banking, private wealth management and treasury and securities services divisions of J.P. Morgan Chase, cancelled a Twitter Q&A session after being flooded by less-than-flattering questions, according to The Desk. The Q&A was slated to take place this afternoon and was cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.

When J.P. Morgan reminded users yesterday of the upcoming Q&A session with Vice Chairman Jimmy Lee, the bank was stormed by questions that put the bank’s legal practices into question. If the Q&A had been held as planned it would have resulted in a public relations nightmare.

Matthew Keys of The Desk published a few tweeted questions that must have given J.P. Morgan’s social media managers a heart attack. The action on Twitter yesterday looked something like this:

Though J.P. Morgan’s social media managers probably dreamed of receiving this level of attention on Twitter, it’s likely they weren’t thrilled by the kind of attention they ended up receiving. When it comes to facing the public on a level playing field online, J.P. Morgan quickly realized it is far out of its league.

Since announcing that the Q&A was cancelled, J.P. Morgan hasn’t tweeted even a single time.

Lesson learned from this Twitter Q&A fail? If you don’t play nice with people in real life, don’t bother trying to play nice with them online.

Featured image via Mike Licht

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