An Ode to Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt: A Scholar Written & Orchestral Approach to What Raised Us

ode to reasonable doubtWithout any Reasonable Doubt, Jay-Z’s music has helped lay the foundation and future of modern day hip hop. For decades, every time I would hear a new Jay-Z jam, I get “The Feeling” like it was the first time back in the day after hearing his debut album. While his music has adapted throughout the years as the times continually change, Jay-Z being on top of the hip hop game remains the same.

While he may never get to meet all the “Dead Presidents,” Jay-Z has taught us one important thing growing up: real hustlers never sleep… we just take naps.

Now Skyzoo and Antman Wonder have put together An Ode to Reasonable Doubt to celebrate Jay-z’s 44th birthday in the form of, “A Scholar Written & Orchestral Approach to What Raised Us.” The 9 song EP has Philly composer Antman Wonder “recreating the original beats with live string sections, horns, etc, while lyrically its written from the perspective of Sky placing himself in the emotions that Jay displayed on the original, but from his point of view, as opposed to reinterpreting Jay’s life,” says the album’s page on Bandcamp where you can also grab the album.

Also check out the “Meet the Presidents” video directed by Alex Ghassan:

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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