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Instagram Introduces New Feature to Embed Photos and Videos on Websites

Instagram has announced a new feature to embed content like photos and videos on your website or blog.

Now when you visit an Instagram video or photo on a desktop web browser, you’ll notice a new share button on the right side of the media (under the comments button). Once you click the button, you can easily copy the embed code and paste it into your website or articles where you want the content to appear.

Instagram also mentioned that you still own your photos and videos, no matter where they appear. So any media embedded will always properly credit and link back to the original Instagram author. Your embed code appears with your username, and clicking the Instagram logo takes people to your page on where they can explore more of your photo and video collection. I’m not sure why clicking your username or a picture itself doesn’t link anywhere, but this is a start. Of course if your Instagram post is private, then nothing is changed, only public posts have the embed code available.

Here is an embed example of one of our latest Instagrams:

The embed option makes a lot of sense for Instagram to finally incorporate like YouTube, Vine and Flickr already do. As a site that encourages users to create and upload new content, how could there not be an option to host that content elsewhere? The only reason I could think of that prevented Instagram from doing so in the past was bandwidth issues. They were so focused on mobile traffic before, maybe they didn’t have enough resources to open up to the web yet, which Instagram is finally doing. Either way this could provide a big boost of website traffic and links back to Instagram.
What do you think about the new Instagram embed option? Is this something you would use on your own blog?