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The World as 100 People [CHART]

What would the world look like if it comprised 100 people? How does such a world break down in terms of age, geography, poverty, and language?

To help us with the daunting task of understanding the world’s demographics, 100people.org broke down often confusing statistics into a simple metaphor we all can understand: a group of just 100 people. Using statistics from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, World Bank, and UNESCO, 100people.org created this list of what the world looks like on a small scale. The infographic designer Jack Hagley then turned the list into the gorgeous graphic you see here.

So what would a 100-person world look like? Well, 50 people would be female, and 50 male. Sixty would be Asian, 15 African, 11 European, and nine Latin American/Caribbean. Only five people would hail from North America. Thirty three people would identify as Catholic and 22 as Muslim. Twelve would speak a Chinese language as their first language, and five each would speak Spanish and English. Eighty-three of the world’s population of 100 would be literate, and only seven would have a college degree. Thirteen wouldn’t have access to safe drinking water, 15 would be undernourished, and 28 would live on less than $2 USD per day. Only 30 would be active internet users.

For these and other statistics (that we can actually understand!), check out the chart below:

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