X Plantronics Workplace Flexibility

New Data Shows Working Remotely is the Most Attractive Benefit for Employers to Offer

Not many people like being told what to do and when to do it, but when a choice is given, people tend to produce their best work. A new survey by Plantronics of 270 small business owners has brought up some interesting findings on how workplace flexibility attracts and retains the most talented employees and brings greater business success. Check out their findings in the infographic below.

Great workers are hard to find, but 64% of small business owners report that the search has been easier when they offer flexible, mobile and remote work options. Workers in a flexible environment are 12% more satisfied with their jobs and out perform traditional employees in innovation and job performance. The optimal working environment offers employees an array of spaces in the office for quiet focus and open spaces to collaborate, provides smartphones, laptops, or tablets for employees to work anywhere, and adjusts company policy to empower workers with flexibility to reach optimal productivity.

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