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The Unbreakable Bond Between Work and Coffee

Coffee: for some reason we can’t get enough of this bitter caffeinated drink. And we can’t stop talking about it: How many cups do you need to function everyday? Is coffee bad for your bones? What does the type of coffee you drink say about you? You can have endless conversations about these topics, but one thing’s for sure: coffee should be part of your workday. Here’s why.

Caffeine Helps You Perform Better

It turns out we don’t knock back cups for joe for nothing – the caffeine found in coffee actually boosts your performance at work. Researchers studying night-shift workers found that workers who’d drank something caffeinated made fewer errors than colleagues who hadn’t. It seems the benefit of caffeine for your productivity is a great excuse for the almost excessive coffee breaks you take in the office.

Caffeine Eases the Pain of Working at a Desk

If working at a desk all day is getting to you, maybe you should drink more coffee. Caffeine has been found to ease pain in the neck, shoulder, forearm, and wrist. It sounds like coffee is quite the masseur.

Coffee is the New Water Cooler

Despite what intuition tells us, workers who take coffee breaks at the same time are more productive than workers who break solitarily, according to researchers at MIT.

Coffee Boasts Life-Saving Qualities

People in their 50s and 60s who drink three of more cups of joe a day have a 10% lower risk of contracting illness, according to the National Institutes of Health. This life-saving effect has nothing to do with the caffeine content of the coffee – researchers found this to hold true even for decaf drinkers!

Coffee Shops Are Great Places to Work

Ambient noise like that found in coffee shops is known to improve creativity. This could be why cafés have been the chosen work location for many well-known artists and thinkers.

The Coffee Break Is a 20th Century Invention

In the 20th Century towns and companies began setting aside time each day when workers could refuel on coffee. In fact, after World War II many unions made coffee breaks part of their contracts. This practice is now ingrained in our culture.

Who Drinks the Most Coffee?

It turns out the barista serving your cup of java drinks the most coffee of people from any industry. Food preparation and service workers come next in terms of coffee consumption, followed by scientists, sales reps, marketing and PR professionals, nurses, and my kind: writers and other media workers.

How many cups of joe do you drink each day? Do you think the caffeine helps make you a better worker?

Hallie Cantor
I don't drink coffee. I inject.
Don't ingest caffeine...
Mike Ramirez
Can't live without it!
Jeanne Lynn
I drink coffee very occasionally. I usually have a pepsi to get me going. Maybe I should drink more coffee and I wouldn't be a sloth all day? I have a Keurig so there is really no excuse not to drink it daily. :)
Hansjörg Leichsenring
I prefer tea in the morning and just 1 Espresso after lunch.
Harold Gardner
The fact I like a bit of whisky in mine means that I am spriitual...right?
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