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Why Do We Really Love Cats So Much?

Cats have pretty much taken over the internet. But why do we really love them so much? Well, it isn’t to hard to figure out. See cats are cute yet evil. They’re perfect for human projection and even remind us of children. Or maybe it’s all a big cat conspiracy! Perhaps the internet is just one giant social experiment where we humans are simply pawns in a greater game? But seriously, cats have a unique quality about them, different than dogs, where they don’t feel the need to always beg for our attention, yet still find a way to capture it doing hilarious things all day.

The History of Human- Feline Relationships

Back in the historical Egyptian times of the Pharaohs, cats were considered protectors and declared to be demigods! The Egyptians believed that cats kept evil at bay during the night. But then things took a turn for the worse in the Dark Ages where basically any misfortune was blamed on cats. People thought they had supernatural power and were considered agents of the devil. But by the time humans invented the camera, we started to see cats in a little more comical light.

Good Question: Is the Human/Cat Attachment Mutual?

A research group looked to put this to the test using a procedure known as Strange Situation. Normally this is used to test out an infant’s attachment to the absence or presence of its mother. And analysis of the cats behavior suggested they were indeed emotionally attached!

While owners were present:

  • Cats appeared more relaxed
  • Cats were more likely to explore

While owners were absent:

  • Cats were much more alert
  • Cats were less likely to engage in activity

Feline Heroics

Today, cats have become part of the immediate family. Some cats have also been known to do daring things like fight off snakes, alert their owners to danger and even travel great distances to find their beloved owners.

Cats Own the Internet

At SXSW 2013, Grumpy Cat received 13,931 mentions throughout the week, which was more than any of the top speakers, which included former Vice President Al Gore. The site dedicated to her, attracts a whopping 1.5 million unique visitors each month!
So why do you think we love cats so much? Check out the infographic to find out more, but you probably shared it already before even reading it, just because you saw a rainbow cat on it!

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Brittany Luthy
I love both dogs and cats equally. But what I think I love most about cats is their personalities are so unique, I was a dog lover but my best friend was my cat it followed me every where and always was there. He always laid with me in bed and on my sad days he would just lay beside me and keep me company.
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Mary-Margaret Walker
This worries me! :-)
Judith Kavanaugh
Awesome now I understand the whole cats on the internet phenomenon.
Valerie Smith
I love the youtube video "I Love Cats" lol.
Stewart Marshall
Personally I prefer dogs - but this is a nice infographic that captures the cat-human relationship very well :-)
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