What NFL Players Do After Retiring from the Game [INFOGRAPHIC]

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‘; ?>Ever wonder what professional athletes do after they give up playing for good? In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, LinkedIn collected information from its database about NFL players and what sorts of things they get into after retirement.

According to the survey of 2,000+ NFL player profiles, 44% of players go into some type of entrepreneurial job after their NFL careers, including starting their own business, working in sales or managing clients. 13% continue in athletic-related professions like coaching or fitness trainers and 4% enter the radio and TV broadcasting field.

NFL players’ age and the length of time since retiring greatly influence their career choices. Players retired for 20 years or more usually enter the entrepreneurial field while those retired for 10 years tend to work in sales, real estate, finance and insurance. Recently retired players tend stay in the world of sports as coaches, trainers and other athletic-related professions.

After retirement, NFL players also support several charities and causes including issues like education, children and poverty.

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