What Is Comic-Con? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever been to the San Diego Comic-Con? Comic-Con is the largest comic book convention on the planet, with more than 134,000 people annually attending and features an assortment of comic book dealers, collectors, writers, illustrators, movie studios and TV shows.

This year’s event is set to go off July 24-27 (with a special preview tonight) and tickets were sold out within an hour and a half of availability back in February. There are over 1000 vendors and 600 events to attend, where the average person spends about $1500. The most expensive item bought from last year’s convention was the first appearance of Batman in issue number 27 of Detective Comics (published back in May of 1939 at a cost of 10 cents), which now sold for $660,000. Batman and Marvel Comics will celebrate their 75th anniversary at this year’s Comic-Con and rumor has it fans will also get to see a preview of the new joint Batman and Superman flick!

Cosplay is huge at Comic-Con where even the stars often like to take in some of the fun. X-Men star Hugh Jackman said he walked around last year in a full Wolverine costume and no one even knew who he really was. Comic-Con also gives out costume awards for the best re-creations, original design, workmanship, presentation, beauty and youngest fan.

Learn more about the 2014 Comic-Con below and enjoy the show!

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