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50 Weird Driving Laws of the United States [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you thought your last driving ticket was unfair, wait till you see the weird violations traffic cops could pin you for across the States. In New Jersey, for example, it’s illegal to frown at a police officer – a difficult task when you’ve been pulled over! Be careful how you park in Arizona, because it’s technically illegal to drive in reverse there. In Idaho it’s illegal to drive a motorcycle if you’re over the age of 88. You better keep your car clean in South Carolina – you could be fined for storing trash in your vehicle! And women drivers, beware: in Louisiana it’s necessary that a man carrying a warning flag be in front of you at all times.

Many states have strange animal-related driving laws, too. In Minnesota, for example, it’s illegal to cross state lines with a duck on your head. In Massachusetts you have to pay a ticket to drive with a gorilla in your backseat. In Nevada it’s illegal to drive a camel on the highway (where do these camels come from, anyway?). You better not leave a sheep unescorted in a truck in Montana. And the people of Washington sure seem superficial – it’s illegal to ride an ugly horse in that state!

Check out other weird driving laws in the States in the map below:

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