Are You The Boss Of Your Website? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Houston is known for various things, including oil, NASA and business-friendly climate. The city also hosts over 50,000 of the busiest sites in the world. That’s more than twice as many as the second-place city, Mountain View, California. Website traffic is extremely top-heavy, with the top 1,000 sites receiving more traffic than the next 99,000 sites combined. The U.S. hosts almost half of the worlds’ 100,000 most popular websites, as measured by Alexa Rankings.

What can you do to make sure you own your website? Consider whether or not you actually own your domain name. If your designer or host registered the domain name “on your behalf,” there is a chance that they actually own the domain, not you. Thoroughly review your contract, and if you’re still unsure, be sure to get the domain transferred to an account in your (or your company’s name). Unless you sign up for extra privacy features, when you register a domain—whatever information you provide will available to the public via a simple “WhoIs” search.

It’s unfortunate that many domains are lost due to human error. It’s usually as easy as forgetting to renew. With “Auto-Renewal” you never have to worry about that again; assuming your billing information doesn’t change. To take full ownership of your site, you should always scan it for malware. Use 2 Factor Authentication as well—if your accounts are compromised, this will make it much less likely that the bad guys will be able to do damage.

If you want to get started and create your own site, register a domain through GoDaddy.com or some other provider. Select a Web host, which is where your website content lives. You can then select a platform and site theme. There are so many plugins and extensions available today that make creating a website easier than ever before. They even take care of the coding. Once you have your website, you’ll want to consistently create content to increase traffic.

Do you own a website? Would you like your own site? Please share in the comments and check out the infographic below for more information about maintaining control over a site.

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