Web Design Industry Analysis: Professionals vs. Amateurs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you an amateur or professional Web designer? While this may be a straightforward question, the line could be blurry for some in the field. Overall, there are 785 million websites online with 16 million new sites added each month.

So who creates all these sites? 74% of websites are built by professional designers and developers. The process can be time-consuming and complex, as designers have to communicate requirements with developers before they are able to manually convert layouts and ideas into working code. This is why 45% of businesses don’t yet have a website! Today only 3% of sites are built by amateurs, perhaps because 98% fail to publish a website on a domain.

There are a few different ways to build a website, all varying in complexity, control and benefits. Most businesses and professional designers use content management backends like WordPress (59%), Joomla (9.3%) or Drupal (5.7%) to power their sites. WordPress is the most popular solution given it’s an open source platform with lots of great features, themes, plugins and other awesome things to enhance sites and comes with a ton of documentation and support online. Serious businesses should always look to have their websites professionally developed. In the amateur development arena, sites like Wix and Squarespace allow DIY mavericks to easily and cheaply create sites without knowing how to code. The catch is using such services provide relatively little control over the features, performance and functionality of your site.

What platforms do you use to power your site?

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