How to Save the World through Water [INFOGRAPHIC]

save water save lifeWhere there is water, there is life. But did you know that unsafe water is the #1 risk to our health? 80% of all diseases in the world were spawned from contaminated water. In fact, each year 3.4 million people die because of a water related disease. What’s worse, every 30 seconds, a child tragically dies from a waterborne illness too. The most common waterborne killer is diarrhea, a serious problem in Africa and South Asia, which does more damage than Aids, malaria and measles combined, and is the 2nd leading cause of mortality among young children in the world.

To put things in perspective, the 5-minute shower the average American takes uses more water than the average poor person uses in day. What can we do to stop wasting water and quench the world’s dying thirst? Start by recycling your paper waste, which over one year could save the planet about 4.6 trees and 7,000 gallons of water. Organizations like WaterStep are looking to make the day when no one has to ever drink unsafe water again, a reality. A few ways to achieve this include teaching health and hygiene practices to prevent waterborne illnesses, provide countries in need with simple solutions to provide sustainable water, and equipping communities to handle disaster reliefs better.

Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Hungarian who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1937 and is credited with discovering vitamin C said it best:

Water is its mater and matrix, mother and medium. Water is the most extraordinary substance!

Are you feeling thirsty yet?

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