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Twitter by the Numbers: 20 Amazing Social Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that it costs about $200,000 to promote a #trend on Twitter for 24-hours? Twitter is a micro-blogging and real-time communication network that has surpassed 500 million users in its seven years of existence. To date, over 170 billion tweets have been sent, for an average of 400 million tweets per day!

How many people actually use Twitter, though? 200 million users are active on Twitter each month while approximately 20 million Twitter accounts are fake. Currently, China has the most Twitter users with 35.5 million people registered.

How are people interacting with Twitter? The average user has 208 followers and has tweeted 307 times. People spend, on average, 170 minutes on the site each month.

Who is the most followed celebrity on Twitter? Justin Bieber, of course, who boasts over 42 million followers! The most retweeted message came from President Barack Obama’s re-election victory tweet, with over 80,2624 retweets!

As the data suggest, Twitter is a hyperactive community and estimated to be worth $10 billion dollars with its 900 employees. Twitter’s short-form video publishing site, Vine, has 13 million users who upload an average of 12 million videos to Twitter each day.

Here’s a look at Twitter by the numbers in 2013:

Alex Roe
So if the average Twitter user has 208 followers, I'm doing OK with nearly 16,000 on my @newsfromItaly account? 16,000,000 would be better though! ;)
Nick Steeves
Thanks for sharing Wishpond's infographic Daniel!
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