30 Tips To Build Your Personal Brand From 37 Experts

When it comes to building your brand online, the most important thing to do from the beginning is to define your identity and be original. Many businesses make the mistake of trying to be everyone’s best friend. “Be unique. Don’t create a brand that’s just like everyone else’s,” says Jeet Banerjee of Statfuse.com.

In the age of social media, using unique visuals and media is a great way to stand out. Don’t be afraid to highlight your own personal experiences and struggles but stay honest with your audience.

According to John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of Entrepreneuronfire:

If you try to be someone other than your true self online, it won’t last, and it will eventually ruin your brand altogether.

You also need to do your homework and learn what your target audience likes and who your competitors are. Create helpful content to give your audience a reason to stick around nd always make sure to be responsive and over deliver.

How can you create a unique online identity? Check out the infographic for more advice from 37 brand experts!

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