Average Student Loans in the US Vs What You Could Have Bought With That Money!

I came from abroad to this diverse land to deepen my education. But I am just one among the more than 17.4 million students attending colleges and universities in the United States!

Unfortunately the price of education has substantially increased over the years. More than half of the student population takes on a student loan to pay for high tuition! A recent study showed that the average debt for students falls between $3,000 to $55,250. As steep as loan amounts may be, with rising unemployment it can be necessary to take on this debt in order to receive a college degree from a reputed university. In fact this may be the the safest bet on getting a well-paying job to pay off enormous student loans!

The infographic below provides a simpler and funnier take on this serious situation by asking the following question: if you hadn’t gone into debt, what would you do with the truckload of cash you hadn’t spent on education? Let’s say you have lying around about $27,000, or the average loan amount that a student accrues for education in the U.S. You could buy the most ridiculous things with that money, if you’d like, such as 4,164 jars of the creamy chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella or 54,000 packets of soothing, yummy ramen noodles. After all, with great amounts of money comes the ability to be extravagant.

Check out the variety of other insane purchase options you’d have with a pocket full of $27,000!

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