The State of Customer Service Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Customer service makes the world go round being at the forefront of economic success. The service sector makes up 75% of the UK GDP and 68% of the US GDP generating billions and billions of dollars.

Yet when it comes to customer service, just 1% of consumers feel they get consistently good service and 86% of customers will pay more for better customer service. Just 37% of brands are rated by customers as “good” or “excellent” in customer service reviews and the rest are rated as “ok” and “poor.” Consumers are picky and expect top notch customer service, but as a company grows, its customer service department usually loses its effectiveness. Customer loyalty doesn’t mean anything if they’ve had a bad customer service experience. Dissatisfied customers will end up telling more than twenty people about it and almost 90% will switch to a competitor.

Bad customer service has a bigger negative effect than a good experience has a positive effect; customers simply expect good service. Yet only 29% percent of companies have plans in place to improve their customer service departments.

The good news is though that this past year overall satisfaction of customer service in many industries has gone up. Health care, transportation and energy utilities have all gone up in the United States. Currently Apple is leading the customer service ratings in the personal computing industry with 87%, while Acer falls far behind at 77%. T-Mobile has an average rating of 68% customer satisfaction, one of the lowest on our list while Verizon and Sprint are rated the highest. Apple’s iPhone 5 falls behind Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III in smartphone manufacturing, but they’ve both still got great customer satisfaction ratings; among the highest of the year.

How do you favorite companies’ customer service departments look? Check out this infographic for more on the state of customer service in the US and the UK. Are you satisfied? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to like and share!

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