Incredible Social Media Statistics – 2013 Edition [INFOGRAPHIC]

As we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in 2014, it’s fitting we pay tribute to the multitude of social media channels available. After all, the popularity of these channels only continued to surge throughout 2013—and this will likely continue in 2014. The infographic below presents some fascinating statistics pertaining to SlideShare, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, LinkedIn and Google+.

Did you know that 30 percent of traffic from social media is from SlideShare.net? The world’s largest community for sharing PowerPoint, OpenOffice presentations, Keynote, PDF and infographics—SlideShare.net was acquired by LinkedIn for $119 million. In 2013, Snapchat declined acquisition offers of up to $4 billion from both Google and Facebook, according to Business Insider. The past year also saw more than 35 million #selfies posted to Instagram! Are you an avid Pinterest user? The photo-sharing platform’s most followed board in 2013 was L.L. Bean’s Woodland Creatures with 4,689,706 followers.

Remarkably, it’s Pinterest—not Facebook—that owned the greatest share of total traffic referred to e-commerce sites in 2013. Also, the average Pinterest shopper spends $140-$180, while the average Facebook shopper spends $60-$80. It’s hard to believe then that only 10 percent of brands have a major marketing focus on Pinterest. This should change moving forward into 2014. According to SlideShare, infographics were liked four times more than presentations in 2013.

Speaking of “likes,” 95 percent of Facebook users log into their accounts daily. Of all the minutes spent on the Internet, a full 15.8 percent are spent just on Facebook. One of Facebook’s primary competitors, Twitter reached 231.7 million monthly active users in 2013. They spend an average of 170 minutes each month on the network. Only about half are tweeting—the other half are just reading tweets. Of the 259 million professionals on LinkedIn, almost 40 percent pay for LinkedIn Premium, which offers enhanced features and advantages for job seekers.

What social media site did you use the most in 2013? Which one do you think you’ll use the most in 2014? Please share in the comments! To learn more details about the must-know social media statistics from 2013, check out the infographic below!

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