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INFOGRAPHIC: What is Your Social Media Personality Type?

social media personasSocial media brings together an interesting mixture of different personality types and characters. It gives us a chance to discover new content and catch up with our friends online, but what if these pals are sharing just a little too much information? From Joe Politics to the Spoiler Turd, do you feel like you’re constantly being bombarded by over sharers, piles of cute baby pictures, or unwanted Instagrams of people’s meals? Or what about those awkward updates from people craving attention? No wonder, 1 in 4 adults have admitted to “vaguebooking” – posting intentionally vague updates compelling their friends to inquire more. In turns out most of us have committed a few violations of social media etiquette though. In fact, a recent survey by MyLife.com has revealed some shocking statistics about social media personas:

  • 36% of people admit to posting TV or movie spoilers on social media. <Tweet This>
  • 88% of young parents post pics of their kids at least once a month. <Tweet This>
  • 24% of young men admit to creeping on an ex’s social media profile once a month. <Tweet This>
  • 1 in 10 people have been defriended due to prolific political posting. <Tweet This>

So what’s your social media personality like?

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