X 21 social media rules infographic

21 Rules for Effective Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media marketing can lead to more loyal customers, more brand recognition and more repeat business. While there are many technical tips out there for using social media to your advantage, from which type of content to publish to the best time to publish to social media channels, successful social media marketing is also an art. The way you approach the task at hand matters just as much as the nuts and bolts of your social media marketing campaign.

The major difference between social media marketing and traditional marketing is the two-way nature of social media communications, which opens up a lot of opportunity to connect with your audience. So while you should review review specifics of your social media marketing metrics such as your conversion rate, in general, a low engagement rate from your fans is a sign that your efforts are falling short. If your followers are not engaging with your social media content, you need to adjust your approach.

The 21 guidelines in this infographic focus more on the proper approach (the “art”) to social media marketing rather than on the technical details. If you are new to social media marketing, or if your social media marketing efforts have been falling flat, review these tips to make sure you’ve incorporated all of them into your current social media marketing strategy.

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