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Prepare for the Social Media Winter [INFOGRAPHIC]

The signs of an impending social media winter are upon us. As the social media Houses block paths to other services, we, the users, may soon find ourselves in isolation, with no road to connect us to the outside world. Here is how the Game of Thrones between the Houses of social media have played out:

House Twitter Blocks House Google

Summer 2011: Twitter allows its search agreement with Google to expire. Since then, Google hasn’t been able to index tweets in Google Realtime Search. Most frighteningly, Realtime Search hasn’t been seen since Twitter cut it off. Whether this is a case of kidnap and murder or a sign that Realtime Search is taking a much-needed vacation, I cannot say, but one thing’s for sure: House Twitter is most certainly not one I would want to reckon with.

House Twitter Blocks House LinkedIn

June 2012: Twitter ends a three-year partnership with LinkedIn by blocking tweets from appearing on the LinkedIn network. As an excuse, Twitter says it want tweets to appear through a consistent set of tools. Obviously House LinkedIn was not one of those tools.

House Twitter Blocks House Facebook

April 2012: the state of affairs in the world of social media get ugly when Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion. Twitter, feeling threatened by Facebook’s purchase, disables Instagram users from automatically importing their Twitter followers to Instagram.

House Facebook Blocks House Twitter

December 2012: Perhaps retaliating against Twitter, Instagram drops Twitter card support. Since then, Twitter users can only view Instagram photos by clicking a link that leads away from Twitter. How convenient.

But why?! meme

House Facebook Blocks House Twitter, Again

January 2013: When Twitter debuts Vine, a social network for sharing 6-second videos, the fight between Twitter and Facebook escalates. Instigated, Facebook blocks Vine users from accessing their Facebook friends list on the Vine app.

This is Facebook, not Twitter meme

House Twitter Blocks House Facebook One More Time

March 2013: Just when we think things can’t get worse, Twitter axes Facebook functionality in TweetDeck. It seems the two social media giants have done everything in their power to block inter-network access, yet I afear what may come next.

Brace yourselves, brave users of the social media world. A long, hard social media winter is drawing near.

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Steven Hamilton
WTF? I read the whole article only to find out it's just an ad for Hootsuite? I feel viloated!
Daniel Zeevi
Is this the first infographic you've ever seen? Typically they combine information and graphics with a logo at the bottom for the creator ... : P
Joan Stewart
Clever advertising for HootSuite, big players are becoming disjointed just trying to outdo each other!
Lauren Mobertz
It's the sad state of social media affairs!
Ray Haynes
So, this "article" is nothing more than a giant ad for Hootsuite.
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