Social Media Etiquette 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is it possible to effectively teach social media etiquette? What exactly is social media etiquette? As of September 2013, about three in four online adults actively use social networking sites. Those in the 18-29 age group are the heaviest users of social sites. Facebook has a whopping 1.26 billion users, and its main purpose is connecting friends and family together and serving as an outlet for people to share stories, photos and videos. With 6.5 million users, Twitter connects friends, like-minded colleagues and collaborators together. The professional network LinkedIn now has 187 active monthly users. It’s primary purpose is connecting professionals in an industry together. Very close to Facebook levels, YouTube has 1 billion users who use the tool to share and discover original videos.

Since Facebook is most people’s social networking site of choice, it makes sense to talk about Facebook etiquette. If you have one, be careful with your identity and never share information. Act your age, and don’t try so hard to appear “cool.” Don’t just assume that someone else will want you to tag them in a story, photo or video—always ask for permission first. You should also avoid posting too many useless statuses—the world doesn’t care what you had to eat for every meal. Of course, these tips apply to all the social networking sites highlighted

To make sure you’re getting the most out of social media, check into some classes or online sources, make a checklist of what you want to accomplish with your social presence and even ask your kids for some advice. Children tend to be very social media savvy.

Are you active on social networking sites? Do you practice these etiquette best practices? Please share in the comments, and be sure to check out the infographic for more advice!

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