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INFOGRAPHIC: Do Social Calls-to-Action Really Work?

Asking people to do things isn’t exactly a new strategy, yet as we’ve made the shift towards social media, it’s suddenly not as cool to use calls-to-action. However, all data suggests that calls-to-action seem to increase engagement across any channel you try!

Social Calls-to-Action Work on Blogs

Looking at research from over 50,000 blog articles, posts that contain the words “comment,” “link” and “share” tend to get more actual comments, views and links than posts that did not. In fact, including the word “share” is likely to lead to almost 4% more views and links and 3% more comments!

Social Calls-to-Action Work on Twitter

Using a data pool of millions of tweets, the phrases “please retweet,” “please rt,” lead to 50% and 40% more retweets respectively. Several other powerful calls-to-action on Twitter include “please help,” “spread” and “viral.”

Social Calls-to-Action Work on Facebook

From a collection of all the posts on the top 10,000 most-liked Facebook pages, the terms “like,” “comment” and “share” got more of the specific action they called for (up to +0.4%).
Are you taking advantage of calls-to-action or do you feel like this is begging?