The Guide to Snapchat for Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Snapchat is a popular application used to send self-destructing photos and messages to friends. Pew Research estimates there are 26 million active Snapchat users in the U.S, where the core audience is between 13 and 25 years young. Overall, Snapchat has enjoyed consistent growth with approximately 400 million Snaps being sent per day. How can the app be leveraged by brands looking to engage with younger audiences?

Major brands have taken notice of Snapchat’s effectiveness and are starting to use the platform to give sneak peaks of products, contests, giveaway coupons, behind-the-scenes looks and other targeted marketing videos. Even if Snaps are short-lived, they are still free advertising with a potentially viral audience.

One way brands can use Snapchat effectively is to promote its Snapchat profile on its blog and other social media profiles. Brands can also reward followers with great visual content and virtual treats.

Some of the best campaigns on Snapchat by brands so far included Taco Bell’s big burrito release, Acura’s early glimpse at the new NSX prototype (which was also posted to Instagram) and teen retailer Wet Seal, which boldly gave a 16-year-old reigns to its account for two days resulting in 9,000 new followers!

How can your business leverage Snapchat?

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