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Are Small Business Employees Working Remotely? [INFOGRAPHIC]

While it might be common for employees of large companies to occasionally work from home, it doesn’t seem to be the norm for small business employees to work out of the office. For one, when it comes to small companies every person counts – when just a couple people are out, the office seems extra quiet and empty. Despite this difficulty, 57% of small business employees say they’ve worked remotely at some point. In fact 32% have worked full days from home, 7% of whom do so “often” and 9% “sometimes.”

But working remotely means more than just taking a day out of the office; for many employees, it means continuing the workday off the clock, from their own homes. Mobile, internet-connected devices such as laptops and smartphones brought on this hyper-connected culture where employees are increasingly finding it more difficult to stop working. Half of employees work from home outside of normal working hours on nights and weekends, and 26% of employees who work remotely work 50 hours a week or more (compared to just 10% who do not work remotely). Perhaps this is why, while 75% of employees say mobile computing has improved their lives because of added flexibility, a quarter say mobile computing has created more stress in their lives because it makes it harder to escape work.

Regardless of the workaholic tendencies mobile computing has introduced, workers are still using their mobile devices to connect to the office. 52% often use laptops to connect, 51% often use smartphones and 35% often use tablets. Dangerously, 7% of employees acknowledge that they have at some point lost a device that contained company information!

Do you ever work remotely? How do you feel about remote work?

Tracy Stewart
I work from home.
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