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Smartphones and the Thin Line between Effective Communication and Overwhelming Addiction

Did you know that 85% of people admit they’d rather give up drinking water than delete all their apps? The advent of smartphones has completely changed the face of communication throughout the world, granting users access to the internet, thousands of apps, and a plethora of media so that they can feel connected in a way they never felt before. But when does the need for communication turn into obsession and, eventually, addiction?

37% of adults and 60% of teenagers admit they are addicted to their smartphones, according to a recent study from Confused. Most of them would rather give up drinking water than delete all their applications. The smartphone apps most widely used are ones for checking email, waking up in the morning, finding dates, navigating to work and “feeling happy.”

Among other interesting findings, the study revealed that 81% of smartphone users always keep their phones on, even in bed, while 51% of adults admit they would have a hard time parting with their precious device while socializing or even using the bathroom.

Are you able to ever put down the phone?

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