Salary Guide for UX Design Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fast becoming one of the most popular fields within the online creative world, User Experience (UX) design focuses on a user-centered mentality and accessibility. As this design approach becomes more widely used, careers in this field are expanding and improving. Even with the current economic situation, UX design professionals can look forward to a burgeoning job market with respectable salary expectations.

The recently released Onward Search UX Jobs Salary Guide shows the best job markets, specific job titles, and salary ranges for UX professionals. Large metropolitan cities are where the best job markets and salaries can be found, starting with the biggest – New York City. UX professionals located there can potentially make anywhere from 79k to 161k annually. The next best four cities for UX professionals to work are – starting with the best – San Francisco, Seattle, San Jose, and Boston. Salary range for UX professionals depends heavily on the location of the job, the needs of the hiring company, the specific requirements of the position, and your level of experience.

The most in-demand UX jobs are UX/UI developer (38%), followed by UX/UI designer (33%), information architect (9%), visual designer (7%), UX researcher (3%), UX mobile developer (2%), and a variety of other UX jobs (8%). To see the salary expectations per job and city, check out this infographic presented by Onward Search.

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