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Who Are the World’s Richest Superheroes and Villains?

Recently we studied the true cost of being a superhero like Batman or Spider-Man from the combined price of their clothing, lifestyle, accessories and place of residence. But who are the richest superheroes? And what about the villains? It could take a lot of money to plot against the likes of Superman, which is where Lex Luther comes in worth an estimated $80 billion where much of his cash goes to fund endless research and giant robots, along with his presidential bid. Few superhereos are richer than Iron Man’s $100 billion, though, who owns Stark Industries and spent over $1 billion on making his suit alone. Even Magneto from X-Men can control precious metals with his mind, meaning his current bankroll is never too much of a concern.

So who is the richest of all the superheroes and villains?

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