X robots reading resume infographic

Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you having trouble finding a new job? We all know there are many sets of eyes that scan through our resumes online, but it turns out many of them are robotic. For every entry-level position posted, there are 144 people that apply! Companies like Google can humorously receive up to 75,000 resumes in one week! For this reason many large hiring firms and recruiters now use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to conduct a first pass through resumes powered by algorithms that search for specific keywords and patterns to efficiently sort out the best potential candidates for hiring managers.

It can cost a company nearly $3,500 to hire a new employee, so it’s not a surprise that 95% of Fortune 500 companies are looking to reduce this overhead using time-saving machine technology. These employer-friendly robots can quickly eliminate up to 75% of applicants based on missing criteria or qualifications not properly spelled out.

So what’s the good news for you? Creating a robot-friendly resume isn’t too hard to do taking a few pointers from search engine optimization theories. Some great tips to start with are to make sure to use the target keywords from the job description throughout your resume and to stick to regular readable fonts like Arial, Tahoma and Verdana. Don’t get too fancy with the formatting either by using any crazy abbreviations, tables or graphics that can’t be read by bots. Avoid submitting PDFs unless you’re sure your application is going straight to a real person because they’re not readable by all business applications. Most importantly, make sure your contact information can be easily found at the top!

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