Mobile Photography Tips for New Parents [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today like never before, smartphones allow new parents to snap photos of those precious moments. But how can parents make the most of the technology at their fingertips? Every parent can become a superb phone photographer by using the following tips and apps.

We begin with general photography tips:

• When snapping pictures, new parents should avoid direct sunlight. Overcast conditions make subjects appear cooler, happier and more attractive.
• Who likes blurry photos? Parents should stabilize their phones before snapping. The best way they can do this by bracing their arms against their bodies or using furniture.
• To have a crisp shot, it’s also important to avoid distracting backgrounds and wait for that “magic hour.” At sunrise and sunset a camera phone can capture great colors.
• Lastly, learn how to pan. When photographing your child on the move, it’s best to follow him or her at the same speed. This will blur the background while leaving the subject in focus.

Now, some advanced training:

Before a child is even born, new parents-to-be will want to snap some great maternity photographs. Seven months into pregnancy is the optimal time—the expecting mother will look and feel her best. Her partner should shoot from above if possible. Any body type and shape can be flattered by shooting from a higher angle. The photographer should keep an eye out for potential distractions and encourage the mom-to-be by telling her how beautiful she is.

When taking pictures of infants, new parents shouldn’t agonize over capturing the perfect shot. Sometimes it’s best to just shoot first and worry later! The first two weeks are the best time to take shots of newborns. When the baby is between six and eight months is the next best time to take pictures. At this age, children are just starting to sit up, and they are very curious and interested about the world. New parents should always be ready—iOS includes “Rapid shoot mode” for capturing action shots.

So, what are some of the hottest photography apps out there right now?
VSCOCam is the premier photo app for iPhone and Android.
Facetune is a fun and powerful portrait photo editor which allows users to touch up mobile portrait photos.
• Lastly, Over is a great app that enables users to add beautiful text and artwork to photos.

Are you a new parent looking for some fantastic mobile photography tips to better capture all the precious moments in your life? Check out the infographic below!

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