X odd jobs that pay well

25 Odd Jobs that Pay Well

With a limping economy in most parts of the world, millions remain out of work. If you’re willing to bypass the traditional job you might be able to find something that you didn’t know even existed, that offers a competitive wage. This infographic displays 25 odd jobs that pay well.

Are you willing to step out of your proverbial box? Here are 7 of the 25 opportunities that really jumped out for their uniqueness.

1) Submarine Cook

Can you cook? Do you enjoy the water? Are you claustrophobic? Perfect. Become a senior submarine cook in Australia and could pull down around $200K per year. Ok, you’ll need about six years experience for this gig, but the pay is terrific. Enjoy the lobster thermidor.

2) Oil and Gas Diver

If the submarine cook opportunity didn’t grab you, this might be more your speed. Take your love for diving and turn it into $80K per year. Inspect oil rigs, lay some pipe, and weld under water. No problem, a piece of cake. You must be able to swim.

3) Bounty Hunter

Looking for a little danger? If you’re not worried about your personal safety, you should really think about the lucrative world of bounty hunting. Find the bad guys that skipped bail and return them. You should expect to make 10-45% of the bail amount. If everything goes really well you might even find yourself with your own reality television show.

4) Human Scarecrow

We all loved the Wizard of Oz as kids. Make your childhood dreams come true by becoming a human scarecrow. You won’t break the bank with job at $10-$15 per hour, but you’ll be helping your local farmer. If I only had a brain.

5) Sperm or Egg Donor

Now you’re talking. Today is your lucky day, if you’re young and in good health. Guys can earn up to $200 per “donation” and women can earn as much as $8K. If you have no ethical issues with the process, this isn’t a bad deal at all.

6) Body Advertiser

Is your body covered with ink? If so, why not put that love for tattoos to good use. Sure you’re selling out, but for up to $5K to be a walking billboard who can blame you.

7) Embalmer

Tired of your co-workers and their attitude? Here’s an opportunity to work with people that won’t be answering you back. Your dream job has arrived. You’ll pull down about $45K as a dead-body sanitizer. Never hear a complaint from a customer again.

Do you have a unique job? Let us know.

Miriam Slozberg
I don't care how well you can do in the funeral business. That one I am keeping away from with a 20 foot pole. And yes I believe that embalmers are paid very well. Kudos to anyone who does it.
Steven Hughes
Hi Miriam - Yes, it is definitely not for the faint of heart. That first year is a killer.
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