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Starting off on the Right Foot: 10 Tips for a New Job

First impressions are important everywhere in life, but especially for recent college graduates at a new job. One or two missteps in the beginning can end up shaping how you’re perceived by your colleagues and potentially even your career.

66% of hiring managers believe that new college graduates are drastically underprepared to meet the challenges faced in the real world though, in fact, 58% aren’t even planning to hire any entry level graduates this year. And according to the Bureau of Labor, times may only get worse with 2012’s college graduate unemployment rate already at 6.3%.

It’s paramount that you start off on the right foot after getting that first “real” post graduation gig, so here are ten surefire tips to do so:

  • 1. Make Strong Connections
  • 2. Always Ask for Feedback
  • 3. Set Goals and Track Progress
  • 4. Speak Up
  • 5. Be Involved
  • 6. Ask Lots of Questions
  • 7. Be a Part of Your Company’s Enterprise Social Network
  • 8. Be Innovative
  • 9. Volunteer For High Profile Projects
  • 10. Learn the Ropes

Knowing the right moves is always ideal, but learning what not to do can prove to be equally important. Don’t be careless with spelling because 43% of managers consider that important, along with a well put together resume. Tardiness and inappropriate clothing are always good to avoid too, try respect existing cultures and dynamic boundaries. And make sure to be clear on your company’s policy regarding the use of technology and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter on company time.

If you are fresh out of college or even have a few years of experience under your belt, the same etiquette applies to starting any new job. So be sure to follow these best practices to give yourself a chance to shine at your new career!

Sharon Jean Roth
Thanks, Daniel. I'm a senior citizen starting a new job soon and a couple of these hit home for me too! However, maybe you can help me with one thing that has happened to me more than once. I am mature, responsible, enthusiastic with lots of experience and skills. I have run into the situation of younger people trying to make my life miserable. Got any advice?
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