X music streaming habits of us regions infographic

How Do People Listen to Music across the US? [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the internet continues to change the way we listen to and discover music, people are adopting different services for listening to their favorite tunes. Across the U.S. alone, the way people access music varies by region. In the infographic below see how people from New England to the Pacific listen to music.

In California, Alaska, Oregon, Hawaii and Washington, 51.% of people stream music, with 7.5% paying for subscription services. That makes people in this region the largest group of paying music streamers in the U.S. By contrast, only 2.9% of people in New England pay for music streaming subscriptions.

Music aficionados in the East South Central region rank first for listening to music as a primary activity rather than in the background while focusing on something else, with people in the Mountain region ranking as a close second. And while the devices used to listen to music vary across the U.S, car radios remain the most popular device in every region.

How do your listening habits compare to those of people of your region?

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