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The Most Tried and Failed Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

The U.S. thrives based on the millions of jobs created by small business owners. Although these small businesses play such a vital role in our economy, a huge amount of risk surrounds new ventures that makes most prospective entrepreneurs hesitant to jump on board for just any promising idea.

Nearly 95 percent of new ventures will close within the first five years of operation. Essentially, these owners lack the business acumen that is all but required in today’s business environment for success and longevity. Having knowledge of how to successfully and efficiently market your product can take you a long way in your industry, so keep the tips provided in this infographic, like starting small and knowing your market, in mind when you hammer out your strategy for success.

Check out the infographic below presented by Top-Business-Degrees.net to learn more about the most tried and failed small businesses!

Heather Stone
Hi Brian, I wonder whether most small business owners would be surprised at the high risk businesses listed here. Think a restaurant, a retail business or a direct sales business are safe bets? Think again! Great addition to the BizSugar community!
Gary Shouldis
Retail and restaurants share the same traits, large up front investment and a lot of overhead from day one.....not a lot of wiggle room to make mistakes when you're starting out. I don't think I would call MLM a business, but rather an opportunity. People come and go from these opportunities with little invested by the way of money or commitment.
Gary Shouldis
I think Brian Tracy was the one that said 90% of businesses fail, but 90% of business owners that prepare will succeed.
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