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11 Most Successful E-Commerce Sectors for SMBs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thinking of starting an e-commerce store in 2014? Before you jump in, you might want to consider which sectors are seeing the most recent success. Bigcommerce, an e-commerce platform for small business, studied the vertical data of over 50,000 of its clients as well as the growth rates of major internet retailers. What did they find? That small- and medium-size businesses have big opportunities for outperforming larger, corporate retailers. Here are the sectors where SMBs are most likely to see success.

  • Automotive: Automotive stores are in high gear online. Bigcommerce stores in this sector saw an 89% growth in revenue per store while big name retailers AutoZone and O’Reilly averaged just 22% growth. This growth is led in part by a strong demand for aftermarket parts and accessories
  • Jewelry and accessories: Bigcommerce stores selling jewelry and accessories saw a 31% increase in revenue per store. This is a good sign for entrepreneurs with good taste, but beware: clothing stores experienced an average 4% decline in revenue
  • Toys and games: The number of stores grew by 30% year-over-year and experienced a 25% growth in revenue
  • Animal and pet care: This sector saw a 23% growth in stores and a 20% growth in revenue
  • Computers and software: Stores grew by 28% and revenue increased 30% per store
  • Electronics: Stores in this sector grew by 29% while revenue grew by 10%
  • Wedding and bridal: While stores grew by 40%, revenue increased by 19%
  • Health and beauty: Stores in this sector grew by 25% and revenue grew by 19%
  • Arts and crafts: Similar to health and beauty, arts and crafts store grew by 25% while revenue increased by 18%
  • Sports and recreation: These stores grew by 23% and saw their revenue grow 7%
  • Garden and home improvement: Stores in this sector grew by a whopping 43% and saw their revenue increase by 7%

via VentureBeat

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