X What the world listens to infographic by jacamo

What the World Listens to: Where Do the Biggest Pop, Rock, Country and Jazz Fans Live on Earth? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever wondered where the world’s biggest pop, rock, country and jazz fans are? They might not live where you expect. For example, while country music might seem like a genre that would be especially popular in the U.S, South Africa actually boasts the biggest love of twang: 49% of South Africans listen to country music, more than in the U.S! Besides country, 53% of South Africans listen to dance music and 20% listen to techno.

A whopping 73% of Greeks like to rock out compared to only 14% of the French. It turns out Sweden is a big fan of retro music, where 47% of Swedes listen to retro rock and roll and 38% listen to hard rock. That’s the highest proportion of retro rock fans found in any country! In Finland it is fairly common to encounter a metalhead, with 28% of Finns listening to heavy metal. Pop music dominates Spain, with three-fourths of Spaniards listening to pop music. In the U.S. hip hop steals the show, with 27% of Americans as hip hop fans (that’s the highest percentage of anywhere in the world).

The Japanese love listening to jazz, with a quarter labeling themselves as jazz fans. 44% of Indians listen to classical music while 34% of Brits listen to boy/girl bands – it would appear the legacy of the Beatles hasn’t warn off! Finally 63% of New Zealanders listen to dance electronic music, where 36% enjoy dubstep and 38% techno.

What kinds of music does your country listen to?

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