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A Day in the Life of the Modern Smartphone User [Infographic]

Our phones have become so important to us, they’ve practically become a third limb. But how exactly do we use our phones to make them such an integral part of our lives? Data and information from Citrix about mobile trends shows us we’re not the only ones growing increasingly attached to our mobile devices.

We use our phones for specific tasks depending on the time of day. In the morning, for example, people most often use their phones to check finances and the weather. In the evening from 6-10 p.m. people tend to use their phones for social tasks, fitness, dating and shopping. People check the news and watch videos throughout the day.

Whether it’s a personal, social or business setting, people are using their smartphones in more places and ways than ever before. 48% of people believe it’s okay to use their phones on the toilet and 35% sleep with their phones. A whopping 70% of people check their phones during a meal at least once a day and 18% check their phones during a date. Even a business interview won’t stop people from checking their phones, with 9% reporting they look at their phone during one.

People use their phones for other purposes too. Four of 10 people use their phone data for social networking, one in 10 for gaming and two in 10 for video watching. As for data usage, media players like YouTube use the most data, up to 49%, while music and apps like Facebook use less than 10% each. Additionly, half of mobile users are served ads and don’t realize that this actually takes up data: 59% of people think ads do not count toward their data quota, though as much as 2% of daily data volume is generated by ads.

The increasing speed of smartphones encourages us to rely on them more often. It now takes about five seconds for a page to load, further eliminating any delayed gratification we used to experience. With all these factors contributing to our dependence on our mobile devices, it’s no wonder the way we use our phones is changing. But as the data here shows, we share more phone habits than we might have thought.

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