What We Can’t Live Without: 3 Modern Must-Haves [INFOGRAPHIC]

What do you need to survive each day? The answer is pretty simple right? Food, water, and shelter. Hold up, not so fast. These days people around the world are increasingly saying they “can’t live without” conveniences that didn’t even exist a few decades ago. Here are 3 modern must-haves and some surprising facts to boot:

Cell Phones

Did you know 84% of people said they couldn’t go without their cell phone for a single day? According to a survey by Time Magazine, one in five check their phone every 10 minutes! Half of us even sleep with our phones beside us, despite recent alarms of radiation leakage from being too close to your phone. In fact, 73% of us would go into a state of panic if we couldn’t find our loved mobile device. What’s worse is that 30% of Americans check their phones while they’re having a meal and supposed to be socializing with other people.


72% of U.S. adults use social networking websites. About half of us post videos and photos that we’ve created online. Almost 40% also took part in political activities via one or more social networking sites during the 2012 campaign. However, a staggering 91% of American teens have posted a selfie onto Facebook at some point or another.

High-Speed Internet

High-speed internet is the #1 technology people cannot live without. 32% of college students around the globe say the Internet is just as important as food, shelter, air and water. 72% of Internet users seek health information online as well as 90% of all house hunters. A whopping 97% of consumers use the web to research local shopping.

What can’t you live without? Could you go without your phone, the Internet or Facebook for even a day?

Hansjörg Leichsenring
I can not live without sun, water and a little bit to eat.
Ming Jong Tey
High speed internet for sure! lol...
Chris Sandys
Internet - without a doubt. I need it for my business.
Crop & Save