Backin’ Up That Data [INFOGRAPHIC]

A recent study conducted by Acronis asked people what they value more, their data, or their device. Overwhelmingly, the respondents cared more about their data: their pictures, contacts, and music. The devices they use to access the data were secondary. Yet, while most people go to lengths to protect their devices from theft or damage, they remain pretty lax when it comes to backing up their important data.

Accidents happen. Aside from theft, files may be mistakenly deleted or lost, viruses can compromise information. Frequent data backups make file recovery easy. Typically, people see their phones and other devices as replaceable and upgradeable, while their personal data, files, pictures, music, etc. are priceless.

In the Acronis survey, about 40% of respondents admitted to either never backing up their data or not having done so in three months, while only 24% of users back up regularly. So what is it that’s keeping us from playing it safe?

Backing up data isn’t hard and there are plenty of options to choose from. Most cloud services offer 2.5 to 10GB of free space for you to back up your data; once backed up, the data becomes internet accessible from pretty much anywhere. Backing up using a USB drive, an external hard drive, or even a CD allows you to keeps your data on hand.

Taking advantage of a school, work, or other network is another great way to back up your files. Network drives are often backed up daily, ensuring that your files are safe in case they are lost on a device.

What would happen if you lost all your data tomorrow? Would you be prepared?


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