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9 SEO Experts Reveal the Future of Marketing

As search numbers grow online, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more important than ever. In March 2013, 20.4 billion searches were conducted from desktop computers alone! Mobile search, too, is growing important: 113.1 million people use mobile to search online. As search continues to grow and evolve, what will be the most important marketing goals to focus on?

Salesforce asked 9 SEO experts, including Moz CEO and co-founder Rand Fishkin, Bing Senior Product Manager Duane Forrester, and Distilled Founder Will Critchlow, about how the relationship between SEO and marketing will develop over the next few years.

The Future of SEO

When asked about the future of SEO, Fishkin suggested that all forms of inbound marketing, including organic search and social media, will become increasingly interconnected. So much so that it will be impossible for marketers to ignore any of these channels and still do a good job. “The future will bring less and less of an ability to do great SEO without embracing these other channels and perspectives,” he said.

Debra Mastaler, President of Alliance-Link, said that Google will continue to give precedence to authors in search, finding better ways to use social data to determine the best results for each individual. Jimmy Yu, CEO of BrightEdge, says that cellphones and tablets will play larger roles in search.

The Relationship between Social Media and SEO

When asked to discuss the relationship between social media and SEO, the general consensus among experts seems to be that they go hand in hand. “It is virtually the same thing now,” Chris Bennet, Founder and CEO of 97th Floor, said. “As social has become a huge part of not only Google’s algorithm but also how to spread content and drive traffic.” If your content is designed to do well on social media, you should expect it to do well in organic search, too, suggests Critchlow.

How Content Marketing Has Changed SEO

On the topic of how content marketing has changed SEO, experts suggested that it’s more important now than ever to create content people need rather than creating content just for content’s sake. Now marketers will have to determine which audiences are most important to target and what exactly those audiences want to see online. “This is the era of less is more SEO,” said Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer at RKG.

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