Today’s Ladies Love Tech [INFOGRPAHIC]

Tech savvy or gym rat? Which do American adults prefer in a love interest? About 29 percent of all U.S. adults prefer the gym rat, while 71 percent would much rather have a lover who is super handy with computers and other high-tech gadgets. About 84 percent of women and 58 percent of women prefer a “nerd” over a “gym rat.” Older adults are more likely than younger adults to go after a tech savvy lover—66 percent of adults ages 18-54 would go after a tech savvy partner compared to 80 percent of adults ages 55 and over.

Do you consider yourself to be a tech savvy lady? Do you find tech savvy guys incredibly attractive? Of all U.S. adults more youngsters strongly agree that women are finding tech savvy guys more attractive now than five years ago. It’s quite likely then that men have claimed to know more about tech than they actually do to impress a woman. Over two-thirds of all U.S. adults agree that men have at some point exaggerated their tech prowess. Even a vast majority of men agree that this happens. Those living in the South are most likely to strongly agree—as are younger American adults (18-34).

If someone lies and exaggerates about their tech savviness, it can spell disaster for his or her relationship. A full 12 percent of American adults would end a relationship over this lie. As the pattern continues, younger people are more likely to kick their relationship to the curb. Please note that these gender stats are based on an online study conducted by Harris Interactive and are for women who prefer men, and men who prefer women romantically.

Those who can’t fix a computer are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to love, dating and romance. Can you? Please share in the comments, and be sure to check out the infographic below to learn more!

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