30 Secrets to Writing a Killer, Attention-Grabbing Blog Post [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that companies that regularly blog attract 88% more leads each month than those that don’t? What separates the average blog post from a killer one?

There are lots of subtle things you can do to get your readers’ attention, including using short and catchy titles. Some great ways to do that are by creating a sense of urgency or purpose (like how-to lists), using strong language like a “Writing a Killer Attention-Grabbing Blog Post” or asking questions. Coming up with a killer title is so important because 80% of your audience will see those, whereas only 20% will actually read the article after that initial headline.

One of the most effective ways to communicate ideas to your audience is by telling stories. Try to make your post personal to tap into people’s emotions and make a real connection. Humor and some metaphor or similes can also work well, but try to be yourself and not force anything. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Being controversial can be a great tactic, just make sure you back up your audacious claims with real facts and solid theories! In fact, the more facts and credible sources you gather in support of your ideas, the more authoritative your post will be.

And maybe the most important rule for blogging these days is to have some great visual elements to accompany your piece, like the neat infographic below:

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