X kids of the past vs. the internet generation

Kids of the Internet Generation vs. Everybody Else [INFOGRAPHIC]

They don’t make them like they used to, right? Kids these days have grown accustomed to many luxuries that just weren’t around a few decades ago, namely new tech gadgets. Are they better off for it?

While kids used to head outdoors when they wanted to play, children today are 6 times more likely to be playing video games than riding bikes! In fact, cycling is down 31% since 1995. Here’s some more fun stats: 90% of Millennials (anyone born in the 80s or later) use the internet; 75% use social networks; and 20% post video selfies. Not even Generation X can match the Millenials when it comes to using these technologies. Almost half of Millennials don’t have landlines; they use only their cellphones to make calls. Millennials are so attached to their technology that 83% have confessed to sleeping next to their cellphones. (Only 50% of Baby Boomers admit doing so.) When it comes to news sources, Baby Boomers trust television (76%) far more than they trust the Internet (30%), while Millennials consider Internet news (59%) to be almost as trustworthy as TV news (65%). Young people are graduating college at higher rates than ever, but they spend less time reading books and their reading proficiency is down from previous generations.

So I ask you: Is the Internet strengthening our children or inhibiting their growth? Could we all perhaps take a lesson from the past and learn to unplug a little, live life, spend some time outdoors, do some reading, and partake in some other old-school activities? Can we curb our desire to be immersed in technology 24/7?

I’m an 80s kid, and I’ve spent 76 of the last 76 straight hours plugged in. But, having admitted this, I hope you don’t doubt the sincerity of my questioning.

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