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Top 10 Job Titles That Didn’t Exist 5 Years Ago [INFOGRAPHIC]

Would you say the state of the workforce has changed greatly since 2008? According to LinkedIn it has. The professional social network explored today’s leading job titles and sought out which didn’t exist just five years ago in 2008. With positions like iOS developer, Zumba instructor, and big data architect leading the pack, it’s easy to see that the technology and fitness worlds have seen big changes in just the last half decade. Below check out LinkedIn’s list of the top 10 job titles that didn’t exist five years ago.

1. iOS Developer

After Apple announced the iPhone in 2007, third party development for iOS apps skyrocketed, especially after iOS 2 and the App Store were launched. In 2013 12,634 people listed the title iOS developer on their LinkedIn profiles, compared to just 89 five years ago – that’s a 142 times growth!

2. Android Developer

Just as Apple announced iOS in 2007, Google announced the Android OS in 2007 and released its first handset in 2008. Since then android developer has become a prevalent job title, with over 10,000 LinkedIn users listing the title in 2013 compared to just 53 in 2008. That’s almost 200 times growth over the past five years.

3. Zumba Instructor

Though Zumba started in the early 2000’s, it wasn’t until 2007 that Zumba fitness centers started popping up all over the States. Compared to just 16 LinkedIn users listing themselves as Zumba instructors in 2008, in 2013 over 6,000 users called themselves Zumba instructors.

4. Social Media Intern

Back in the day companies hired general marketing interns to assist in daily marketing tasks. Since the early 2000’s, though, the popularity of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest has launched a whole new game called social media marketing. And who better to help a company with social media marketing than the generation who grew up with social media themselves? And so the social media intern was born.

5. Data Scientist

As we produce increasingly more data, companies want to make sure someone is charged with making sense of it all. This is where data scientists come in, and why the position has grown 30 times over the past five years!

6. UI/UX Designer

Anyone who started using the internet when it was first gaining steam might remember using websites that weren’t very appealing to look at or, even worse, interact with. But as the internet matured so too did digital design conscious. Today a whole fleet of designers, called user interface and user experience designers, dedicate their lives to making websites, gadgets, apps and more intuitive to use.

7. Big Data Architect

The internet and now smartphones allow us to be connected 24/7, and that means we constantly produce data. Household and other objects, cars and more are also becoming connected through the internet of things. More data is being produced today than ever before, leading to a new type of scientists who can interpret the big data and distinguish trends as they’re happening. Although the idea of big data has existed for at least 20 years, it wasn’t until 2008 that the term big data architect really took off. The field has seen over 3,000 times growth in the past five years.

8. Beachbody Coach

You read that right – the beachbody coach distributes the products of Beachbody LLC, including P90X. Though in 2008 it wasn’t apparent on LinkedIn that Beachbody coaches existed, in 2013 some 3,000 users listed themselves as such.

9. Cloud Services Specialist

Salesforce and Amazon both launched cloud services in the early 2000’s. Since then the technology has grown to accommodate more information and become much more reliable, and many more companies offer cloud computing services. Likewise, jobs listed as cloud service specialists have grown from 195 on LinkedIn in 2008 to 3,314 users on LinkedIn in 2013.

10. Digital Marketing Specialist

Along with the growth of the internet and social media comes the increase in need for digital marketing specialists. These professionals help companies navigate the constantly changing waters of the Web.

Which job titles do you see today that didn’t exist years ago?

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