X How To Select Photos Your Shoppers Will Love

Increasing Engagement and Sales on Instagram

Brands and companies have been using Instagram to diversify their social media presence and increase their visibility with their customers. If you find, however, that customer engagement or sales generated by your Instagram content has room for improvement, it could be because you are not selecting the best photos to upload to your Instagram feed.

Selecting the Best Photos to Represent Your Brand

The theme and type of photos you should select to share on Instagram vary by industry. In general, though, you want to personify your brand. Photos that feature your products in action and your staff, candid shots of events and conferences and re-shares of fan posts are good examples of where to start when it comes to selecting Instagram content.

Optimizing Instagram Photos: Engagement vs. Sales

Once you select the desired photos, they should be optimized to generate the highest level of customer engagement or sales. The infographic below gives tips on just how to optimize your Instagram photos for both using data from researchers at the University of Wisconsin.

Interestingly the characteristics that promote engagement with Instagram photos are not the same ones that promote sales. Having a clear idea of the goal of your Instagram content before posting it is a good strategy for deciding which content to publish. For example, if you are featuring a product on Instagram, you most likely want to generate additional sales for it, so you should follow the practices that have proven to lead to sales. If you are posting a picture of the employees hamming it up at the annual company picnic, though, you are just looking to generate some buzz around your brand and would do best following best practices for seeking engagement.

Finally, once you’ve optimized your photo, be sure to add a relevant hashtag to the caption, which make the photo more visible on the network.

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