The Importance of Great Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve all been there: a bad customer service experience has left us grumpy and unsatisfied and in the wake of those emotions we never do business with them again. Yeah, that’ll show ’em. Eighty percent of companies claim that they have “superior customer service” but only 8% of those customers agree. Good customer service is a competitive edge, can increase sales and customer loyalty, and support a good image to potential customers. So why do so many companies seem to be falling short in this area?

Generally, it is the smaller companies that have better customer service and are rated higher in almost every area of customer expectations. From anticipating needs and problems to the follow up, small companies are on top. But when that company grows, customer service standards drop. The relationship between how big a business grows and customer service is inversely proportional.

Poor customer service is a grave offense and us customers are an unforgiving people; 89% of of consumers switched to a competitor after a bad experience. However, for good experiences, 24% continue to seek out vendors two or more years after and are much more likely to continue doing business with that particular company. In fact, by increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase profitability by 75% and 80% of future revenue will come from just 20% of existing customers.

When consumers need customer service there are a few things they expect. Basic human kindness is one of the top on that list; was the person who helped friendly? Another is getting the problem solved quickly. We hate to wait around to hold music only to have to explain our issue over and over again.

What was your worst (or best) customer service experience? Check out this infographic and let us know in the comments!

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Customer service is important because this department helps customers with questions and concerns.
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