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How to Post Your Way to Facebook Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

With rising competition on Facebook, social media managers need to constantly post interesting and relevant content to keep engaging their fans. But how do you really do that?

The key to a great social media strategy is to know what and when to post, in order to maximize the most likes, comments and shares possible. Fortunately for you the infographic below has some tried and tested methods spelled out to get your social media marketing rocking without spending a bunch of time doing it.

Why You Should Post

When you post great content, this increases the chances of your followers engaging with your post while increasing your brand’s likeability. The more social activity your posts rack up, the better chance you have to generate new leads and customers for your business.

What to Post

Facebook uses a complex algorithm called EdgeRank to help determine which posts users see in their feeds. The bottom-line is competition for eye balls is fierce and you need every edge you can get to outrank your competitors. Research has shown that visual posts like photos are far more likely to go viral than status updates, videos or links. Users also react differently to the positive or negative subject matter of posts. Positive content gets more likes, while negative posts draw more comments as you tap into people’s emotions.

Other handy Facebook tips:

  • Best status and image captions are less than 80 characters.
  • Want more comments? Ask a question or fill-in-the-blank.
  • Caption this photo posts get 5.5X more comments.
  • Calls to action get 45% higher interaction.

    When to Post

    While the best days to post may vary by your industry, there are some hardcore trends that can’t be overlooked. Posts sent on Facebook between 8pm and 7am get a 14% higher interaction rate with less overall posting going on. But when is the best day to post? Studies have shown Saturday and Sunday to be the highest interaction days on Facebook with people off for the weekends having more time for social media. But if you’re looking to share your blog content, studies have shown Thursday’s to have a 10% increase in sharing compared to any other day of the week. Social sharing often peaks between 9am and 10am during the week and continues to decline throughout the day, with smaller activity spikes at 2pm and 9pm EST.

    Also posting 2-3 times a day can keep your fans engaged without clogging up their news feed. But if you have interesting and timely content, the demand for that never ceases so don’t hold back great content.

    What strategies have worked well for you on Facebook? Do you tend to get more engagement at specific times?

    Karla McLachlan
    this was very helpful thanks.
    Thanks for sharing!
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    Great graphic Pagemodo :)
    Alaska Artist Dianne Roberson
    When posting a photo please give some information, like location where photo was taken. Doesn't much good to reach out if you hide and you are not promoting if there is no contact information.
    Alaska Artist Dianne Roberson
    A post office box will keep you safe but give you a public contact and so will a website, or business only e-mail account.
    Nuclear Chowder Marketing, LLC
    Gtreat info here. I've been talking about this a bit on my own blog lately. One of the things I've found is that typical stats don't always work out accross all pages that I manage. I have some pages that get great interaction at weird times and on weird days. They break the rules. I think the important thing is to try different things and track what works and what doesn't.
    Emma Doots Forsberg
    interesting - I just need to get over feeling like a dork if no one replies with comments right away!
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