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How to Out-Troll a Troll [INFOGRAPHIC]

There was a time when trolls could only be spotted hiding in the deepest and darkest of shadows under a bridge, but today they can be found lurking out in public everywhere you go online. Haters are always going to hate, but the Internet has empowered the voice of the common troll to new heights through Internet platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The YouTube comments sections is also a go-to spot for trolling both regular people and famous artists.

When it comes to trolling legends, Jason Fortuny has to be right up there with his fake Craiglist ad posing as a woman seeking dominant men for sex. After recieving 178 responses he proceeded to post all of them to the Encyclopedia Dramatica online wiki, resulted in him getting sued and having to pay off one of the victims over $74,000. Most trolls don’t end up coughing up any gold for their ill deeds though. In the end, the best way to avoid trolls is to not add any fuel to their fire by responding to silly comments and posts looking to bait you in (and put you on their radar).

Have you ever been trolled online?

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